Steve Madden sued by Stella McCartney

The BTotally handbag of Steve Madden has been stated by Stella McCartney as being a copy ‘poorly made’ of one of her Falabella bags. Steve Madden sadly has been blown out by another intellectual property lawsuit and at this point of time it was by designer Stella McCartney. The 44-year-old British designer on Tuesday has filed a suit against Steve Madden with the Southern district of New York. She had accused that the cost-effective brand had ended up imitating one of her well-known and highly admired handbag styles.

The Lawyers are in fact trying their best to come across with a ban and stop sales of the knockoff product of Steve Madden. And not only this they are also “accounting of Defendant’s profits.” The chief products that are the focus of attention here are the black Falabella Foldover tote bag and the BTotally handbag.

Steve Madden sued by Stella McCartney

As per the court documents, Steve Madden started his work by trading across knockoff bags that were somehow inadequately made however they have mostly been almost alike. These handbags are made from inferior quality and will eventually cause economic harm to the customers. Not only this, it also pointed out several negative reviews that these BTotally bags have already received, and which were up on Steve Madden’s website as evidence.

These handbags will eventually turn out tarnishing the image and status of Stella McCartney and due to this, there will be loss in the sale area due to the increasing amount of confusion caused by Steve Madden’s knockoff bags.

Furthermore the documents also pointed out the comparison between the two designs and a few include the fabric inserts at the area of chain handles, the exercise of whip-stitching and unremitting chain which extends to form handles.

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