Style Showdown: Erin Andrews and Lupita Nyong’o Sport a Little White Lanvin Dress

Popular Celebrities take great care to ensure that they look unique, but recently Erin Andrews and Lupita Nyong’o both wore a Little

White Lanvin Dress

White Lanvin Dress

White seems to be the flavor of the season this year, with many of the popular celebrities wearing white while walking the red carpet and other occasions where they will be widely photographed. Most celebrities know that their photographs will be widely circulated, so they take a lot of care to ensure that the outfit they wear is unique, and not worn by anyone else, especially at the event which they are appearing. However, many prefer to wear off the shelf designer wear since it is convenient, but it is difficult to ensure that no one else has worn a similar outfit.

Erin Andrews, who has been on the sidelines for some time, recently took the center stage at the 2014 Espy awards. She was dressed in little white lanvin dress, which was strapless. The knee length white dress had a flared skirt, with a white bow at the chest. Her blonde hair was tied back, highlighting her dress and serene face. Her footwear for the occasion was white high heeled sandals with an ankle strap. However, the outfit she was wearing had been earlier spotted on Lupita Nyong’o and this photograph was widely circulated. A matching white clutch purse completed her look.

Future Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o had also worn the rather old fashioned fifties style lanvin dress during the awards ceremonies which she attended over the last one year. She was spotted in almost an identical dress, except for changes in certain dimensions for proper fitting,  at the 23rd edition of the Gotham annual independent film awards in december 2013. However, the future oscar winner had chosen to add a touch of colour to her look, wearing satin red pumps. To complete her look , she wore dangling earring to complement her oval face and match her skin tone.

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