The 10 Incredibly Delicious Desserts

Food is seen by some as a necessity to survive and they eat to live. But on the other hand there are also those who live to eat and savour every morsel. They truly enjoy food and look forward to trying new delicacies. Desserts are something that we cannot imagine living without…be it cakes, biscuits, waffles, pastries, brownies, brownies or cheesecakes, you can never have enough.

The list below has the 10 most delicious desserts from all corners of the world, and you can feast your eyes on.

1. Cheesecake from the USA


Though found all through Europe and the USA, cheesecake from New York is unbeatable. It is a healthy dessert too as it is made of biscuits, cheese and fruit.

2. Tiramisu from Italy


This mouth-watering dessert is a favourite of many. Being made of cream, rum, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and brandy it melts in the mouth and it is irresistible.

3. Baklava from Turkey


This Greek dessert that initially originated in Turkey comes in various shapes and is made of honey along with butter coated pastry.

4. Pavlova from New Zealand and Australia


This national dish of two nations is easy to make and is made of crust of meringue. It is topped with whipped cream along with fruits and berries, and it is a delicacy to relish. It is usually found in restaurants and confectioneries.

5. Profiteroles from France


France is famous for its food and various desserts such as macaroons and croissants. And one of these desserts is chocolate profiteroles.

6. Apple Strudel from Austria


It is Austria’s national dish and it is no ordinary pie. It is actually tasty owing to the special secret of a super thin pastry. The pastry is stuffed with raisins, apples, bread crumbs, and cinnamon. It is eaten hot with cold ice cream.

7. Kurtoscalacs from Hungary


This chimney like dessert is also called Chimney cake or Stove cake. It is made from sweet yeast dough and rolled in granulated sugar and flavoured with spices that are sweet.

8. Anmitsu from Japan


This healthy dessert from Japan consists of kanten that is an agar jelly made of seaweed and anko, which is a sweet azuki bean paste. Syrup, fruits, boiled peas and ice cream are also used in it. Black sugar syrup termed kuromitu is also served with it.

9. Mango Sticky Rice Pudding from Thailand


This delicacy from Thailand might seem like rice served with mango but the juice of the mango and coconut milk mixed with the rice makes it a heady delicious combination.

10. Churros from Spain


This dessert is often eaten as snacks and it is found at street side vendors too. It is seen as a huge French fry which is drizzled with sugar or honey and served with chocolate sauce.

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