The Day and Night Style and Looks of Hilary Duff Simply Works For Her

Hilary Duff, 26, is the woman who gave life to Lizzie McGuire has just come up with an adorable second comeback music video on Wednesday, September. 24. She is busy reviving her career in pop music and has been seen promoting it in New York. The bubbly blonde is not just busy in promoting her music album but she is also working fiercely on her fashion and beauty.  She is very clear about her early morning beauty regime. She was seen at the top of the Empire State Building as she started her day.  She promoted her upcoming album to Z100’S Elvis Duran. It was a chilly morning in Manhattan and so Hilary was seen sporting a speckled sweater paired with blue jeans and white booties.

The Day and Night Style and Looks of Hilary Duff Simply Works For Her

For the early morning show appearance at 6:42 a.m., she chose to wear red lipstick which posed a question “red lip? Too soon?” and posted a picture for her Instagram fans and prominently flaunted the crimson pout and the answer was “absolutely not!” Hilary who is a mother of Luca, 2, looked absolutely perfect with her red lips in the early morning show as she had intelligently paired the bold look with the casual outfit. She successfully balanced her ensemble by using bold color make-up and more casual clothes. The soft balance between the two helped her carry off the scarlet lips easily.

Later in the night she was out again for the premiere of her “All About You” music video. This time she wore a flashier outfit which was a see-through blouse and revealing black bra paired with a green miniskirt. She wore nude lipstick and created a soft balance of bold and simple look. Her simple make-up with flashier outfit and her bold make-up with casual ensemble simply balanced both her looks during the morning show and the night premiere.

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