The Man behind Huge Sun Hat Talks about His Creation

We saw the huge sun hats showcased at J.W.Anderson’s Spring 2015 show which was part of London fashion week. It was Noel Stewart who created them. It was interesting to know how the designer created them. It was the first time ever when J.W.Anderson has showcased hats on runway. The designer has strong CV as he has done Masters in fashion design, specializing in millinery from Royal College of Art in the year 2002 .When he was asked about the official name of the hat the designer said that it is called as the Giant Sun Hat. When asked how he created such a huge hat, he replied, “I was contacted to come on board to help them realize a hat from a reference they had of an oversize sun hat.”

How did he go about it? First the designer finalized on the shape and the scale. Then he tried different materials for the piece. Initially they made it out of less-expensive leather and then the final piece was made ready from genuine leather. The leather material was made final as it made the hat look modern!

The Man behind Huge Sun Hat Talks about His Creation

When he was asked how difficult it is create pieces like this he said, “To look at, it’s a simple shape, but we spent quite a bit of time getting the body and drop of the brim just right. The pattern is critical to this, of course, but we played with a couple of different facings and we tried three different kinds of wire before we got the feel we wanted.”

He took time in weeks to make it. They actually made in six weeks. But as these hats were at the center of the styling, they just kept making more and more pieces! While making such an original piece the designer admits that he was listening to Chairlift, Barry Manilow, and alt-J .He created 14 pieces with his team which showed 22 looks!

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