The new face of Marc Jacobs

Well, you got it right! The fresh new face of Marc Jacobs has finally been revealed and it is none other than our lovely Cher.

The trend that they are following for their new campaign is to cast iconic elder women and these ad promotions will be continuing for some time now. In the past few years, if you have noticed, there has been no dearth of celebrity women in popular fashion campaigns. From Saint Laurent that cast Joni Mitchell to Joan Didion’s Céline ads, they are at the moment all over the place, and we simply love it!

The new face of Marc Jacobs

Many of us did wonder whether casting elder women for ad campaigns, who rein their 60s and 70s, would end up being a flash for their pan trend or not? But we are now extremely glad to say that this is not the case.

Katie Grand, who is the editor of Love magazine and also every season for Marc Jacobs, helps to creative direct the ad campaigns, on the morning on Wednesday, and uncovered the fresh new ads for Marc Jacobs. We have to say Cher looked wonderful and simply refined and iconic for the New York-based brand ads.

The new face of Marc Jacobs 2

The 69-year-old singer and actress, Cher, who was there at the Met Gala event this year and accompanied Jacobs, was seen wearing a black gown. The gown, which was floor-length, belonged to Jacobs’s dark, moody fall 2015 collection. The collection has been inspired by the famous Diana Vreeland’s apartment during the later part of her life. Since the ’60s, Cher has stuck to the fashion industry and is known to be a fashion industry staple. This is why in the current shots that has been taken by David Sims, she looks a bit fierce, which is not at all a surprise to us.

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