The Relation between Music and Fashion

Both Fashion and Music go hand in hand and they are pretty much like love and marriage. If you believe in Sinatra, then they are very much close and next to being inseparable. Well, just as any other creative industry, they come out with the best of inventive techniques and approaches to survive and thrive, and at the end also collaborate.

Of the collaborative spirits of the most palpable manifestations can be noticed in one of those Catwalk shows. There is nothing innovative or new about musical accompaniment to the collections. In fact, in many of the instances, the ideal song will have the ability to express the aesthetic beauty of the work of the designer. And they deliver it across beautifully, something which would not have been easily expressed through the collection alone.

The Relation between Music and Fashion 2

Once, Prabal Gurung was speaking out to the New York Times and it was then that he stated about the chief need and importance of music and the way they form such an integral part of his shows. He also stated that it is just not possible for designers to move ahead with a story for around ten minutes without music. There is nothing better than the harmony between music and clothes.

The Relation between Music and Fashion

Well, this tradition has been a bit amplified in the present times. In the runway there is live music being played and it adds to the spectacle and glamour. There are so many shows that are presented by a few of the major fashion houses these days. And they look like concerts. Yet it should be done till a point as doing it in excess may end up being dangerous too. Florence Welch in the last season from Chanel’s presentation, for a few moments, made people forget the fact that it was a fashion and clothes event and not a musical show.

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