Tim Coppens Talks About His First Most Detailed Womenswear Collection

Tim Coppens definitely achieved big this year. The Belgian talent has been able to double up menswear retailers, was been nominated for the inaugural LVMH award, and last but very important is, and won a CFDA Award. At this successful moment would he ever stop, no! As New York fashion week was on-going, the designer launched his best ever range of womens-wear till date. The collection had 12 looks! All of them had beautiful mixture tough, sporty edge plus understated girly details which were presented by fluid-like pleated trains and Swarovski stripes.

We know that from last three seasons he has been experimenting with womenswear. But this the first time when, the lineups have been made available to retailers. Isn’t it big news? He joined hands with Hanne Gaby Odiele, the supermodel for his spring ’15 show. Coppens thinks that Hanne Gaby Odiele carried the on-the-go aesthetic well which he was trying to showcase.

Tim Coppens Talks About His First Most Detailed Womenswear Collection 1


When asked about what made him to launch the complete womenswear collection this year, he answered that it is the third time when they are showcasing womenswear. It all was done gradually. As he started his label, he first wanted to comfortable with menswear before getting into the other one. He further added that, “I think this season, adding women’s in a more mature way was a good start. There were a lot of people who said, ‘You should do women’s.’ I had always wanted to do it. Tim Coppens was always going to be a men’s and women’s brand eventually. We’ll do it slow and steady, but I think now with all the attention, and with the team getting bigger, it was a really good time.”

When asked about how retailers are reacting to the news, he said that the retailers are quite excited because of this. Coppens is been doing it from last three seasons but it was never made available for selling. For the six looks of the last season, were did not fit into the sellable group.

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