Tips To Style Curly Hair The Right Way

Curly hair can be very unruly but using the right hairstyles and styling products, this hair can be managed conveniently, fashionably and spending less time.

The natural texture of curly hair is stylish, but many women with curly hair tend to straighten the hair to prevent it from looking unruly and messy. There are a number of hair styling products available as well as tools which can make the curly hair both manageable and fashionable. Similarly a hair cut can be selected based on the shape of the face, thickness of the hair, type of curls – whether the hair is curly at the roots or only at the ends. The right hair cut will not only enhance the appearance of the woman, but reduce the time spend styling the hair.

Tips To Style Curly Hair The Right Way

There’s number of hair styling products available for curly hair. A conditioning curl cream helps to give the curls a proper shape and keep them under control. The cream will reduce the frizz in the hair, prevent it flying away and keep the hair soft. Creams like silk sleek brilliance cream can be applied to dry hair for improving the shine and texture of the hair. Avoid touching hair while drying as it causes frizz, using the diffuser to the extent possible. Hair should touch with the hands only when it is completely dry. A hairspray can be used to set the hairstyle, to prevent the hair from becoming messy, and getting affected by humidity.

Before styling the hair, it is usually shampooed and then dried. A hair drier and diffuser can be used for blow drying the hair, with different setting depending on the hair style. The diffuser can be set to high heat initially to dry the root area, and later the cool air setting can be used. For securing the hair in ponytails a variety of options are available, hair clips, rubber or elastic band or a pin depending on the type of hair, thickness and comfort level. Hair clips are used for thinner hair and put less stress on the hair, while rubber bands are used with thicker hair.

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