Trendy Accessories to show off your suntan

Most men and women spend a lot of time to get the perfect suntan, and wearing the right trendy accessories will help them show off their new look

The perfect suntan can greatly improve the appearance of both men and women, making the person the center of attention wherever he or she goes. Choosing the right accessories in terms of handbags, wallets, jewelry such as earrings, necklaces footwear like sandals, flats and shoes, can complement the newly acquired bronzed look and make the person the center of attention. Usually metallic shades of silver and gold will match the bronzed look created by the suntan, while white colored accessories like handbags and shoes will contrast with the sun tan, highlighting the tan.

Trendy Accessories to show off your suntan

Earrings are a must have accessory for women of all ages, enhancing their looks, and long dangling white and gold, metal and bone earrings will help them look prettier, especially women with a long face. Stylish footwear can make the legs look longer, thinner and more glamorous, and chunky gold high heeled sandals, with block heels, will help complement the perfectly toned and bronzed legs of women returning from a summer holiday at the beach or any other outdoor location

A fashionable large and sturdy bag or sturdy bag is a must have accessory for women of all ages, to carry all their essential items. A large white well designed bag, with multiple pockets in front, and compartments inside, is just the right color to show off the sun tan. While walking the red carpet, for attending parties and other formal occasions, women prefer to carry a clutch purse for some essentials like credit cards and keys. This fashionably slim silver colored well designed wallet from leather will match the bronzed suntan

While high heels are glamorous and fashionable, they are not the most comfortable piece of footwear available especially for long periods of time. White flat suede shoes with two straps are comfortable to wear and highlight the bronzed legs and feet. So it would be wise to stick with strap suede shoes to be a fashion icon.

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