Trendy Wide Leg Trousers for women

Trendy Wide Leg Trousers for women are both fashionable and comfortable, so some trends for selecting and wearing these trousers are provided.

Traditionally fashionable women have fitting skinny jeans and narrow fit trousers, but these are not very comfortable since movements are restricted. Hence wide leg trousers which were typically worn by men, are now increasingly worn by women of all ages, as they are extremely comfortably, can be worn over long periods of time, without leaving  a mark on the skin and allow free movement of the legs.

Trendy Wide Leg Trousers for women

However, there are some basic guidelines to be followed for selecting and wearing these wide leg trousers which are discussed in detail below.

By selecting the right wide leg trousers, it can improve the appearance of the wearer. While most women believe that these trousers will be most suitable for tall skinny women, who can carry them off, even shorter women can wear these pants. For making a person look taller, pants with a high waist should be selected. Wearing a belt with the pants will help to highlight the waist or for not so slim women, generate the illusion of a waistline. Additionally high waist pants which are flared will bring the waist into focus, concealing the width of the hips. To make the legs look longer, the pants should fit very well at the top.

For women with a pear shaped body, wide leg trousers make the hips look slimmer as they are flared at the ankles. Shorter women should wear the wide legged trousers with chunky wedges, heels or stilettos to create the illusion of height. Taller women can wear flat shoes, low heels, ballet shoes or pointed flat shoes. For creating an illusion of height and slimness, the hem of the trousers should skirt the floor, and for these trousers, it is advisable to wear open sandals. Since the wide leg trousers have a very large volume, they should be balanced by a well fitting t shirt or crop top.

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