Two secrets of looking stylish as celebs

We are more than thankful to the infamous web and the storming of social media for making us aware of the fashion trends of the celebs. Also, we now are quite familiar about the hacks or tactics which celebrities head to before they arrive at the glamorous red carpet event.

Celebs may be quite easy about sharing their diet or make up details, yet there are a few things on which they are not open about discussing. They are not so easy discussing on their ways to manage to stand in those heels for long tedious hours. They will not tell you the ways by which they look so fresh for long. Will they tell you what is inside that sheer dress which makes them look so perfectly in shape all the time without any kind of pressure?

Two secrets of looking stylish as celebs

This is why we decided to delve deeper and question a few of the finest stylists of Hollywood on what are the hacks or things that go towards creating that perfectly refined look on the stars. You can now gain a few powerful stylish tips which may end up helping you in the near future:

Ilaria Urbinati: She has worked with several dazzling stars and to name a few are Nina Dobrev, Shailene Woodley, Krysten Ritter, Lizzy Caplan, Leighton Meester, etc.

She says that the very initial and vital thing about tailoring is that a good tailor will provide you with a proper red carpet look. The look will be completely different from your average everyday outfits. This simple rule applies to both women as well as men.

The second point she was particular about was to have a proper underpinning. She stated that most her female clients love Spanx body suits as well as ones that come with high waisted thongs. She also said that “Nipples” are also much in demand as they are generally silicones and they can beautifully blend with every kind of material.

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