Uniqlo’s “Magic For All” collection will launch in this fall

Uniqlo and Disney have decided to take their relation to the next new level. They are all set to go a long way when it comes to their fashion collaboration. Uniqlo has been producing Mickey and Minnie Mouse tees and hoodies since 2009.

However, the Japanese retailer and Disney have decided to take their relationship further and soon will be expanding their collection and create a new line named “Magic For All”. This collection will feature Disney’s other cartoon characters from Frozen, Toy Story, Star Wars and The Avengers.

Uniqlo’s “Magic For All” collection will launch in this fall


The collection will not just have tees but flannel shirts, fleeces, toys, umbrellas and other accessories too. Meanwhile Disney has also collaborated with Marc Jacobs for its holiday collections which feature Alice in Wonderland and will be launched on November 1st.

The “Magic For All” collection will be launched this fall at the D23 Expo on August 14 in Anaheim, California. For all the fans of Disney it will be a biannual event.  Uniqlo is also trying to showcase the collection at one of its flagship store in Shanghai by the end of September through a concept store. Its other stores will also feature the collection at sections which will be entirely dedicated to Disney. Another Uniqlo store which will be opened in the spring is located at Lake Buena Vista in Florida which will be the best and most prime location for the collection as it is also the location of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Uniqlo’s “Magic For All” collection will launch in this fall 1


Millions of fans of Walt Disney gather at the resort every year and with the new collection Magic For All will be a treat for all. Also for the collection, the retail store at the prime location is the best suited one. It will also be the first store of the Japanese retailer in south east U.S. At present Uniqlo has about 42 stores in U.S. and will have three more by the end of the year.

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