Victoria Beckham’s Clothes on Sale for a Noble Cause

If you are fan of Victoria Beckham’s attires then there is a right opportunity for you! The well-known designer is planning to sell a few exclusive things from her wardrobe. They are clothes and accessories. There are more than 600 pieces are out for sell. This unique collection will have Victoria’s attires from that trendy ‘90s pop starlet time till date. She is doing it for a noble cause. The money raised from the sale will go to mothers2mothers, which is a charity and works for HIV infected people; specially focusing on mother to infant transmission of this fatal disease.

The sale will begin from 20-25th August and it will be made available to customers by Net-A-Porter’s outlet site, This was not a sudden development. It happened after she visited South Africa and met some such women patients. She was invited by Wintour for South Africa visit. She expressed her feelings while talking with British magazine Grazia. She said, “Going through my wardrobe and my archive I found all these clothes – so many iconic pieces – that bring back such happy memories.” She also said, “These clothes have been on some incredible journeys – I’ve had so much fun in them, and I want to share that and give other people the chance to have a piece of what I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have.”

Victoria Beckham’s Clothes on Sale for a Noble Cause

It was indeed not very easy task for her as she shared memories with all attires she wore and/or has. Victoria was helped by her mother, Jacqueline Doreen, and her sister, Louise, to choose pieces for sale. She completely admits that she had fondness for a few pieces and it was her sister who pushed her to make such hard decisions.

Dr. Mitch Besser, the gynecologist was the initiator of this charity. She is supported by Anna Wintour from Vogue and Stella McCartney, the famous designer.

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