Warby Parker collaborated with Nordstrom

It’s the first time for Warby Parker to sell its eyewear range through another retailer. Recently, Warby Parker had declared about its decision to expand their retail business. They usually operated through independent stores and outlets with exceptions like Philly and Nashville where they sold through Art in the Age and Imogene + Willie respectively. However, the online company has partnered with Nordstrom which has a chain of department store all over.

Olivia Kim, who is the director of Nordstrom for its creative products, is busy with her Pop-Ins. She collaborates on a monthly basis with a new retailer and opens a pop-up shop either online or offline and the eyewear line is the latest in her Pop-Ins list. Nordstrom not only started selling Warby Parker frames, but has also come up with four new sunglass styles and other non-eyewear items which include foldover clutches from Clare V, note cards from Pike St. Press, and books from McSweeney.

Warby Parker collaborated with Nordstrom

Dave Gilboa in a recent conversation over the phone on Thursday claimed that he is very proud of his collaboration with Nordstrom. Being a co-founder for Warby Parker, he believes that Nordstrom is as focused on innovation and technology as they are and so they chose them as their partners as both the companies share similar perspectives. He said that they did not go for other large scale retailers as the partnership with others did not make much sense.

Partnership with Nordstrom felt right as they are focused on customer satisfaction and are always trying to improve their customer experiences. Another aspect which appealed him is that their online inventory is connected with their in-store inventory. The collaboration will help Warby explore a new customer base. Warby has also provided their own staff for the Pop-Ins which shows that they are not fully dependent on Nordstrom for their sale.

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