Wardrobe Malfunction For The Newly Born Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte, born in the royal family of the UK, suffers wardrobe malfunction right outside the hospital. The one week old princess had her first fashion faux pas in a stylish slip up. The daughter and grand daughter of fashion icons Kate Middleton and Princess Diana could not avoid her first fashion mistake. The one week old could barely come out of the doors of the hospital before the paparazzi had all eyes on her fashion slip up. The white knit bonnet which the little princess wore on her first appearance was put on backwards.

Wardrobe Malfunction For The Newly Born Princess Charlotte

Ayajo Villar, who owns the shop which sells baby stuff in Irulea in Spain had sold this small knit white bonnet which the princess wore, has confirmed that the she is wearing it backwards. The part that surrounds the face should be on the neck. Though the princess wore it backwards, it still looked cute and stylish. The bonnet was extremely artisanal and handmade. The seller said that these items are handmade and are made locally from wool in white and cream and is called color bone. They are not made in a series or in a factory and so they are not identical.

There is plenty of time for the little princess to learn the tricks of fashion and style. She is still not even a week old. She can easily learn the ways and methods of styling herself like a real princess as she has fashion icons like her mother right in her house. People have just begun to appreciate the royal addition of the cute little princess Charlotte and that news are buzzing about a third royal addition. Will Prince George and Princess Charlotte will get another sibling is still a matter of time. It is better to appreciate the little bundle of joy of the royal family and concentrate on her rather than thinking about the new one.

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