Watch Rihanna’s New Style

Have you ever imagined that a style icon like Rihanna, who has recently done a perfect cover page for fashion magazine, would wear something as simple as sports shoes? Yes, that’s true. After all its our favourite ‘BadGalRiRi’, who is very famous for going bold of fashion. This week we have seen 26-year-old celeb wearing sneakers with her all dresses. And she carries it so well that it becomes hot fashion news! She wore it every time she went around New York City.

She has been seen being simple with these bottoms with anything like an oversized T-shirt, a glamorous blush-colored dress, a crop top and even a denim jort! RiRi went to the nightclub with her favorite New Balance shoes, but sometime later in the party she changed it with Christian Louboutin sandals.

Watch Rihanna’s New Style

We are coming to conclusion that Rihanna is in love with sports shoes and it has become her style statement for the upcoming season! She has no doubt trying to combine fashion and comfort, isn’t it?

RiRi was seen wearing glamorous pink-colored dress at NYC club and she was with her old close friend, Drake! 26 year old pop-star Rihanna, was seen enjoying party at Griffin night club in NYC with Drake. It looks like things are settled down between both of them, and what Rihanna wore must have give Drake a sweet surprise! Her pink attire was no, doubt eye-catching but what grabbed most attention was her shoes!

Rihanna’s perfect party wear was ‘Helmut Lung’ dress that had slits up to thighs on either sides and she wore lot of gold jewelry and carried a black and white checkered clutch! And with such a impeccable partywear she wore sneakers! Was she trying to grab attention of her old flame!  Then no doubt, she has been successful in doing that! Imagine the bold style statement!

What really makes Rihanna a style icon is that she can carry a transluscent, Swarovski-party dress with New Balance sneakers and everytime manages to look perferct! Bravo RiRi!

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