Willow Smith finally receives her first official modeling contract

Wow so we are ready to watch another cool teen to make a leap into the fashion sector, and well with a storm! If you think about the recent backdrop of the modeling industry, there are a few things which will for sure crop up in your mind. It sure is made up of gorgeous teens like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Molly Bair and Bella Hadid. A great section of the buzziest and also social tech-savvy names in the scene comprises of teenagers and no doubt they are coming across as the ideal spokespeople for the upcoming generation of consumers.

Then about a handful of heritably consecrated families are also taking over the fashion scenario with a storm. From the above mentioned Jenners and Hadids to the Delevingnes, the Waterhouses and the Smiths—well two of them to be more precise, are here.

Willow Smith finally receives her first official modeling contract

Pyper America Smith and also Lucky Blue who again are both belonging to the teenage group, in the current season have made a gigantic debut. Also party fixture Jaden and Willow Smith, the songstress, who are juvenile, fashionable, versatile and, clearly both are enormously good looking.

Now the fact is Willow Smith who is merely 14 is even more popular. The Society Management on Tuesday, which is a modeling agency that represents the likes of Bair, Natalie Westling, Jenner, Josephine Skriver and many more Josephine Skriver has signed Smith officially to their development board. Since she is already a hit and much loved by the editors (since she has already appeared in Wonderland, T, i-D and CR Fashion Book) she is already receiving loads of buzz for her new-fangled musical releases and we feel that this venture is about to be quite a lucrative one.

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