Yahoo is all set to get more fashionable with Polyvore

Style seems to be ubiquitous. And well, it seems to be all over the Internet giant Yahoo too!  Yahoo came out stating on Friday that it was all set to buy Polyvore, the social-shopping site. And the price offered would not be disclosed since the company builds its very own advertising business and digital content. The site will allow people to place together sets of accessories and clothes that would also be available for purchasing purpose.

Yahoo has been trying to do it all to pull in eyeballs for its available services, that includes Weather, Mail, and its Sports properties so that it can perk up and regenerate its deteriorating revenue. As per the version stated by the company, Yahoo will move ahead powering Polyvore’s native advertisements or the ads which appear to be more like an editorial content rather than cordoning them off. It is also greatly inclining upon Polyvore’s relationship with the retailers and the advertisers, as stated by the company.

Yahoo is all set to get more fashionable with Polyvore

A senior vice president of Yahoo, Simon Khalaf, also said that there is great potential and capacity for the company’s digital content. It is together with the proficiency and skill that comes from community and commerce of Polyvore.

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of the company, has been steady with the acquisition spree and Yahoo has until now bought more than fifty companies for more than $2 billion coalesced to design the company’s mobile-engineering staff. In fact, the company does have pretty good reasons for the purchasing binge that it has been up to.

Yahoo is all set to get more fashionable with Polyvore 1

The revenue of Yahoo’s traditional moneymaker: ads, displays, and banners have been gradually stooping down especially on desktop websites. And well, it still continues to drop down regularly. To battle this loss and perk up the business condition, Mayer is now focusing more towards social, mobile, video as well as on native ads.

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