Yvonne Leon- The Designer, Her Inspirations, and Definitions

Claire Distenfeld, who is the owner of NYC boutique Fivestory, posted an image of an earring on Instagram a month back. The earring had jacket shape with pearls on it and basic skeleton was of gold. Naturally it became very popular. The design was really exclusive. It was the kind of stuff every woman will want to have it. This elegant piece was designed by Yvonne Leon, who comes from the city of fashion and style, Paris. She started her career as a stylist and editorial assistant. Now she is a well known designer. Her designs are always magical, attractive, and are for everyone!

This designer is known to make jewelry for womanhood. She does not believe in restricting herself to only one class. She is indeed an open-minded artist. Her designs are not only for young, fashionable ladies but also for classical woman. She aims to create accessories for dynamic woman of this modern world who would love to mix styles and will not bother about traditional rules for wearing jewelry.

Yvonne Leon The Designer, Her Inspirations, and Definitions

Everyone must be really curious about what a designer like her would be wearing every day? Answer is she wears a “Dessous d’Oreille” and a “Le Feuilletis” pendant. She complements her style statement with an animal ring. She believes in wearing mix jewelry to look beautiful ‘and of her kind’.

Her most designs flaunt a classy look. Does she know anyone very close to her wearing such exclusive things? Yes, she admits that her inspiration for such vintage designs come from her grandmother who used to wear Marquise diamond ring. She has seen such beautiful piece that was original and modern at the same time. She has seen such beautiful creations while growing up, has no doubt impact on her work. Leon takes inspiration from ’30s movies where ladies wore much elegant designs.

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