Zady’s Soraya Darabi is stepping down

The online e-commerce website of Zady is famous for its ethical consumerism. It was founded by Maxine Bedat and Soraya Darabi in 2013. The two year old online business for lifestyle and consumer products has been successful in attracting customers to its e-commerce website.

The latest news which has once again brought Zady in the news is that its co-founder Soraya Darabi is no longer taking care of the company’s day-to-day role and has all plans of leaving this duty. It was announced on Wednesday that Darabi will be with the company as an advisor only. In an interview with WWD, the co-founder said that she is more interested in advising and investing in tech companies related to technology, society and design.

Zady’s Soraya Darabi is stepping down

Fashionista reported that Maxine Bedat have confirmed the news of Darabi stepping down. The also said that the co-founders are still good friends and will continue to be and Darabi will still be a part of the website as an advisor. It is believed that whenever a company is not doing well, Darabi likes to move out of it before it actually crashes. It was seen in 2011 when she left after a year stint at Foodspotting as co-founder and left as an advisor. Foodspotting has been taken over by OpenTable later in 2013 for $10 million. However, Maxine Bedat has plans for going forward with her website and will try her hands at improving things at Zady.

Maxine is quite focused at reviving its brand and making it stronger. The private label which was introduced last year with a $160 woolen sweater made in US was a sold out on its website. Likewise its $36 t-shirt made of cotton fabric was a success. The brand has plans of introducing 7 more clothing items for this fall season.

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