Zana Bayne Focuses on Plus Size Fashion in Her Spring 2015 Collection

Zana Bayne has already proved her sense of style and fashion by her leather harnesses. These Harnesses do carry a perfect blending of high-end fashion with undertones of BDSM. Interestingly, these harnesses have been well received by the fashion world. Top names that only Hollywood knows but those are famous worldwide, like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Debbie Harry, and Cara Delevingne all have embraced the leather harnesses of Zana Bayne.

Zana has not only restrained herself to those leather harnesses, but she also shows her fashion talents in bags and men’s collection. She has also gifted the strappy accouterments to the fashion world introducing a new sense of fashion to flaunt for the fashion lovers. Zana has a lot to offer for her fans in her Spring 2015 collection. Her creativity has shown itself to the fullest in the new Spring 2015 collection. Most importantly, Zana has offered something that is very touchy to the fashionistas of day-to-day life and to those who are not so slim and do not have waist like Cara Delavigne. Zana has imaged to bath in a river filled with moonlight.

Zana Bayne Focuses on Plus Size Fashion in Her Spring 2015 Collection 1


In her new collection for Spring 2015 Zana shows her use of signature material that is expressive in an uncommon way. She has designed her dresses into lattice waist cinchers that are delicate, and carry pencil skirts and starry belts, and they show some handbags styles that are not only new, but also stunning. To showcase her pieces Zana uses cotton shirtdresses that are crisp and of white color with skirts, and these outfits are results of her collaboration with the popular designer Norisol Ferrari.

Zana has said finely that she wants to show women how they can wear those dresses in everyday life. As per Zana, “With the styling of the show, we really hoped to showcase how you can wear the pieces in an everyday manner—with a bit of fantasy mixed in.”

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