Zoë Jordan Spring 2015 Collection at Milk Studios During NYFW

Zoe Jordan is a known name in the fashion arena. She is a London-based designer and is already known as one of the top names of the London-based designers who are trying hard to focus on the contemporary fashion scene of London. Zoe has already attracted big brands and she has already been invited by eBay and the prestigious the British Fashion Council for designing an item of limited edition that will be out there up for sale during London fashion week. However, before that Zoe is eager to show her creations of her 2015 Spring collection at Milk Studios. Zoe Jordan 2015 Spring collection will be available at Moda Operandi following the show.

Interestingly, Jordan has chosen New York, the hub of fashion, over London for this season. And it has been revealed that Zoë in her previous life has been Manhattan bond trader. Moreover, Zoe has seen that some of her designer friends have got good response after they appear at NYFW, and Zoe has been highly impressed by these instances. And hence she has decided to fly over to NY to attend some of her important meetings and finally she has successfully landed at Milk studios. Zoe has told, “I loved its vibe,” she said.

Zoë Jordan Spring 2015 Collection at Milk Studios During NYFW

Zoe Jordan Spring 2015 Collection reveals Zoe’s heritage of playing with sporty elements. She has told that her Spring 2015 collection is a tribute “tribute to the grown-up tomboy in an urban environment.” She also hinted that her collection will feature lots of textures and the collection will show her focus on structure in their lineups.

So be ready to have a look at the Spring 2015 Zoe Jordan collection when it will be shown by the designer in the fashion show. You can also try out her dresses as they will be available for buying soon after the show.

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