Zoe Saldana Shows Her Natural Beauty and Mom Glow

Zoe Saldana is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses. She has won many hearts not only be her performances, but also by her style and fashion. But this black beauty does not always chase make ups to show her beauty and stylish appearances. Recently, Zoe has posted one such photo of her via her Instagram account where she is seen totally makeup less. She has posed for camera without any make up. She is looking all natural. And still she looks pretty. She stands next to her love of life, her husband, Marco Perego, and she is seen to have that mom glow in her face. However, Zoe is not seen to show her pregnancy bump in that photo. Instead her face is shown in that image and she is seen holding up a nice white mug.

Zoe Saldana Shows Her Natural Beauty and Mom Glow

The best part is that Zoe receives good vibes for her photo from all her fans out there. And Zoe thanks all her fans and followers to be so nice and supportive to her. She has thanked her fans in a message that is really nice and heartfelt. On August 11, Monday, Zoe has written via her Instagram account a message to her followers and fans, and the message reads as, “Thank you! Gracias! Grazie! To all my fans for your love, support and good vibes.” She continues, “Your kind words give me strength and keep my focused on what’s positive and good about what I do as an artist. My Partner and Family also thank you. Love you tons!”

It is not the first photo of Zoe in her pregnancy, but she has shown her fashionable outfits and her pregnancy styles in different occasions.  As per different sources Zoe is 4 months pregnant. It is also heard that the lady and her love want a big family. As per sources, “Zoe has always wanted a big family.” The sources also say,”and Marco’s on board, too!”

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