10 Celebs Who Almost Died!

These celebs encountered with fatal accidents that almost took their lives. But they are alive still thanks to their fate or luck, what you call!

George Clooney

 10 celebs who died almost

The actor almost died when he broke his back while filming “Syriana”.

Joaquin Phoenix

 10 celebs who died almost 1

The actor almost died when his car’s brakes failed and it crashed. The car accident that almost took his life was occurred in 2006.

Kanye West

 10 celebs who died almost 2

The singer/rapper/composer almost died in a car accident, in 2002. Interestingly, the rapper mentioned about the accident in ‘Through the Wire’, his hit solo.

Charlize Theron

 10 celebs who died almost 3

The actress almost died when a backflip, required for her role in the movie, Aeon Flux, broke her neck. Theron was admitted to a hospital for her injury and for eight weeks the shooting had been postponed.

Anne Hathaway

 10 celebs who died almost 4

The actress almost died when she got caught up in a really horrified riptide, while vacationing in Hawaii in 2014. The Oscar winner was saved by a surfer who pulled Anne to the shore.

Ryan Reynolds

 10 celebs who died almost 5

He almost died in a skydiving accident when his chute did not open. The accident took place when Ryan was only 17.

50 Cent

 10 celebs who died almost 6

The rapper almost died when he was shot multiple times at a very close range.

Orlando Bloom

 10 celebs who died almost 7

The actor almost died after he fell 3 stories while attempting to climb a drain pipe.

Drew Barrymore

 10 celebs who died almost 8

The actress almost died when the house she shared with her ex-husband Tom Green was caught on fire. They were saved by their dog that woke them up.

Johnny Depp

 10 celebs who died almost 9

The actor almost died in 2011. Depp was flying with Bruce Robinson in a small and suddenly the engines of the plane died out mid-flight. However after a few moments the engines were kicked back on and the actor and the director were saved.

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