10th anniversary of Alexander Wang was celebrated by street style

Designer Alexander Wang is happy that his brand has now covered 10 years in 2015. He celebrated its birthday with a thump.  He started his career by making casual design clothes which included slouchy interweaves, sporty separates, shattered denims and various leather stuffs. His conceptions were not so much ground-breaking, but they were authentic and desirable.

His clothing was cool and was desired by many. Alexander focused on designing clothing which will reverberate with his ordinary customers, so for 2016 spring he chose male and female models to walk on the runway, as if they have just walked in right from the street with messy hair and untidy look. His designs are outsized army jackets, torn off denim shorts, athletic tanks and silken loose shirts to name a few. These are surely to appease the young generations as they want to dress differently.

10th anniversary of Alexander Wang was celebrated by street style 1

The huge LED screens displayed all his creations of his last 10 years of accomplishments. He was applauded by the spectators when he came to the runway and this made him feel that finally the people have accepted his labor. It was a great feeling filled with sentiments. There were many celebrities present in his party, such as, Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid, Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner to name a few. Wang took the stage and thanked all the guests and patrons. Some of the celebrities spoke good words for Wang and congratulated him for the hard labor he did. They wished him success.

The approaching season will be vital for Wang and for his associates, so he must focus hard on his work as people expects more from him. He must come up to their expectations. The designer, Wang, is taking everything cool and is not getting worked up, but then that’s the spirit. We hold positive views that he will deliver something great again.

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