15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks

Birthmarks can happen due to several reasons and many of them are quite minor. There are a few which are not quite distinguishable while there are some that are extreme big and noticeable.

Let us go through the list of some of the most bizarre as well as sweet looking birthmarks. Well, some have it positioned on the right spot and they get to be known as “beauty marks”.

1 The Wolf Man

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks

The man about whom we are talking about is called Zhang Hongming, who stays in Southeast China. When you first look at him, you will notice that all that you are looking at is only a thick bunch of hair, however there is definitely more to it. Right under the body hair, there is a big birthmark that covers around 3% of his body and makes him look like a wolf.

Drew Brees’ Birthmark

You may have seen Drew Bress in commercials and on several other occasions. However, right on his cheeks, there’s a birthmark! You might have thought it to be one of those marks that NFL players wear but it  is one real birthmark!

Love This Puppy

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 2

Generally people think birthmark is not such a good thing however there is an adorable pupster who has a birthmark. The mark is a heart-shaped patch of hair and is there on his body. It is too cute to resist!

Mikhail Gorbachev

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 3

When it comes to politics and birthmarks, then it is one person who comes to our mind and that is Mikhail Gorbachev.

Connie The Red-Nosed Baby

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 4

Here we are referring to the cute infant Connie Lloyd. She was born with a benevolent tumor right on her nose and well it looks quite closer to a clown nose.

The Beauty Mark

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 5

Well not all birthmarks are bad! You must have remembered the cute little puppy on the list and now we have Cindy Crawford the supermodel for you. Towards the left side of Cindy’s lip you will notice the mark which enhances her beauty.

The Turtle Boy

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 6

This small boy from Colombia named Didier Montalvo, who suffered from congential melanocytic nevus. In simpler term it means mole gone amok. It is positioned right at his back and resembles a tortoise shell. And with time it has grown even larger than you can imagine. But with the help of a British surgeon, he no more has to bear its burden.

The Cow Hide Girl

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 7

Initially for Li Xiaoyuan this birthmark was only a small mole. However with time, it started sprouting hairs. After a while, it spread all over the girl’s body to the extent that it appears to be like a cow hide. Doctors have been treating her however they are perplexed as to why it does not stop growing.

Exceeding Hairline

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 8

Here is a child who has strange birthmark. From his childhood it started to grow and expanded right across his face and to the extent that it even crossed his hairline. And it starts to move ahead further down. Scary yet sad!

Marilyn Monroe

15 Bizarre Looking Birthmarks 9

Talking about birthmarks and not including Marilyn Monroe in the list would be a crime. Some birthmark ends up making you look extremely adorable and cute. The same is for Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford too.

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