1969 Wedding – Mini Wedding Dress

Fashion keeps evolving over a period of time, and the fashion trends, especially for women at their weddings in 1969 are obtained from photos and magazines.

The late 1960s were a turbulent period in world history, and the fashion trends tend to reflect this turbulence and revolt against convention. The fashion trends can be obtained from the popular fashion and clothing magazines as well as photos of old weddings from families whose member or members got married during this period. Usually the most fashion conscious woman in a group photo was the trend setter, adopting the latest fashions of the period in her clothes and accessories, and she can be used to estimate when the photo was taken.

1969 Wedding - Mini Wedding Dress

For example in 1967, Ray sellars married susan in the united kingdom on her 21st birthday. Their wedding photo shows susan wearing a short white A line mini dress which ends well above her knees, a departure from conventional flowing wedding gowns worn by brides which swept the floor. The expensive dress was complemented by a matching jacket with a diamond pattern, which also had a wide set collar in keeping with the fashion trends of the 1960s. Typically women also wore a semi transparent veil for their wedding function, but in this photo the bride has opted for a more comfortable and practical hat for her head.

However, the sketches of wedding dresses in fashion magazines and other sources in 1969 show more conventional wedding gown patterns for the bride and those attending the wedding. Empire line wedding gowns in a variety of semi transparent materials and colours such as white and pastel shades like pink, peach, light blue and orange were popular, in addition to the a line mini dresses which are described earlier. A line gowns with princess cut panels were also offered by fashion designers. Brides are pictured wearing conventional veils to cover their hair and face.

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