2 statements for street style fashionista

If you are a street style fashionista, there are a few fashion statements worth trying.  Most of us wish to look stylish and carry off style statements in the best possible way. However, very few of us know how to get it exactly right. If you wish to look like that holy chic, then you must definitely try to master these stylish trends which will work anytime without making you look out of place!

These street style rules will kick in for you, and you might just be the next diva round the block:

Always Remember- Less is More

2 statements for street style fashionista 1

You need not have to cover up yourself with everything that is right before you and end up looking like a big time colorful box of everything! It would always be safe and best to go for the most basic piece at your closet. You may wear a simple white shirt together with a slim A-silhouette skirt. It will look highly chic and trendy. You can try and notice how many girls end up following your style!

Go for Statement Shoes-Always

2 statements for street style fashionista

It may be that you wear a very simple outfit- may be an easy jeans or a jacket. Well, the reason to choose to keep it simple is the pricy shopping you had done the other day! Do try that trendy and expensive pair of statement shoes you had bought and you will end up looking just as classy as possible. It may be any kind of shoes, high heeled, flats, pumps- however when you are shopping for that pair, make sure it is exquisite. If you choose to keep it a Converse day, then you can go for colors such as green, red or Marsala to make it look exclusively outstanding!

A good pair of shoes does leave a great impact!

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