2014 FIFA World Cup Top and Best Uniformed Teams

The 2014 FIFA world cup is one of the most popular and widely watched sporting events in the world and the best uniformed teams are discussed.

Since the 2014 FIFA world cup is one of the most widely watched sporting championships in the world this year, all participating teams have paid a lot of attention to the garments worn by their players, knowing about the wide media coverage for the event. Each team has its own distinctive uniform, which has been designed to combine both fashion with comfort, and should be easily distinguishable from the uniforms of the other teams.

2014 World Cup Fashion Which Team Scores Best Uniform

The best uniformed teams are discussed below:

  1. Mexico: Two toned green uniform with a white lightning symbol on the upper half. The mexican logo as well as the logo of the sponsors adidas is prominently display in the green and white uniform
  2. Argentina: Predominantly bright blue uniform, with white stripes, complemented by a black v neck with logo on the uniform
  3. USA: Colorful uniform in red, white and blue to match the national flag. 31 collar stripes to represent the different states which originally formed the country,
  4. Brazil: They have a canary yellow uniform which is visible from a very great distance. Green is used as a contrasting color with five stars to represent the number of times the country has won the world cup.
  5. Germany: Their team outfits are similar to 1990 world cup outfits when they won the world cup. The outfit has a high V neck, striped neckline, and is predominantly white.
  6. Portugal: With Nike as their sponsor, Portugal players dressed a red outfit and striped patterned uniform.
  7. Italy: Italians prefers a tailored polo, rather than picking basic crew and V’s which was chosen by all other teams.
  8. Spain: In order to symbolize the field success and expressing their passion, Spain players chosen monochromatic striped red combined with gold color.

So though all teams have selected their outfits with great care, ultimately the best uniform is one that combines comfort with style, and is easily recollected by the large audience from all over the world who will view the event.

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