2nd Annual Women & Fashion Film fest Empowers Women

From 3rd to 7th June, the 2nd annual WFF (Women & Fashion FilmFest) will start and in this event you can see beauty and fashion, which will be a perfect mix of top leaders of entertainment, fashion and media to empower and support girls and women.

This event is five-day long and will start from 3rd June with the opening of Red Carpet presented by Jacqui Stafford (Celebrity Stylist) on Broome Street at the Gold Bar in New York City.

He was inquired by U.N. people to start it, and they are meeting with top most leaders in the media, fashion and entertainment, fully to support girls and women. That will hold in the festival premise, and it is declared by director and founder of WFF, Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim.

This woman and fashion event will focus mainly on the fashion, variety in entertainment, film, designing, magazines and television. This very special event comprises a Film Fest of Girls, a Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway Show and Day of Beauty at Yotel Hotel.

2nd Annual Women & Fashion Film fest Empowers Women

The event will mark top most names of industry, together with Andre Leon Talley, former Vogue Editor-at-Large, James Belzer, the filmmaker, who will present an advance sample screening of their newest documentary, “Make It in America: Empowering Global Fashion,” that inspects the subsequent re-invigoration and loss of familial production in the U.S., Fashion Director of U.S. Sasha Charnin Morrison and Contributing Fashion Editor of Vogue, Lynn Yaeger.

There will even be a film festival of girl marking movies prepared by the girls of high school declared by Kim, remaindering that they would debut a movie known as “Human Trafficking.”

The particular event will be performed at 
LIM College. It is exclusively focused on the fashion and business study, presenting an MBA program with attentions in Entrepreneurship and Fashion Management, MPS programs in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management, and many more.

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