3 Boho and Classy Bag trends 2016

The Fashion Weeks of NY, Milan, London and Paris have all ended. And now we need to get informed about the latest bag trends which bag fashionistas will be carrying in the upcoming Winter and Fall 2015-2016. Well, it would be not proper to sort the bags into different trends as every designer has their own style statement, but we can try our best!

Fall 2015 Burberry Prorsum Handbags

This whole collection under this section was all about patterns, suede and patchwork. The whole outlook reminded us of the’60s era, such as the fringes, the soft chiffon dresses, stitching work, embroidery and the bags which the models held both in their hands and shoulders flawlessly blended with their image.

3 Boho and Classy Bag trends 2016 3


Many of the shoulder bags under the Burberry Prorsum section together with the tote bags were made from suede and were also fringed. The style is the buzz of the town and the one of the trendiest of bag trends to follow.

Fall and winter 2015-Chanel Bags:

It now looks like Karl Lagerfeld is getting over with too much of the skeptical negativity, which he utilized as key message in many of his collections. And he also came across with a strong RTW performance from Chanel’s end in the previous 2 to 3 years. There is no doubt that the trend was strong, strapping and bourgeois, and, well, the same goes with the bags too.

3 Boho and Classy Bag trends 2016 2

There were sensational evening bags and stunning clutches together with some casual shoulder bags.

Fall 2015 Louis Vuitton Bags:

It is completely impracticable to leave behind unnoticed the gorgeous vanity trunks which were made from different materials which include copper, aluminium, ultra light carbon and glass fiber.

3 Boho and Classy Bag trends 2016

The trucks had quit a good amount of space for chargers, iPads and every other thing which you may need to keep inside your bag. The best part is it did not sacrifice any of the design and craft of the Louis Vuitton bags.

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