3 cool fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015

For Summer 2015 we have so much style hints for you to happily pursue. From hippy deluxe to military style blended with nautical accents, the age old yet edgy khaki style to mesh work, experiments are going on all. The Saturday night fever and ever returning Seventies influences are also focused on by the designers. There is much more to add to your style statement this summer.

It is time for you to bring a change to your wardrobe by adding a few of these Spring/Summer collections trends.

Mesh all the way:

3 cool fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 3

If you are hunting for some graphic sportswear, then mesh is the answer for you. You can band it well through your dress or simply on your chest area. There is no doubt that this sheer fabric provides you with an indicative allure, partly revealing and partly hiding what’s to be shown and what needs to be kept under covers.

How can you not add Pop Art?

3 cool fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 1

We were lucky to catch the glimpse of the gorgeous blending ideas of Roy Lichtenstein along with the best pop artists of the world, Sonia Delaunay and Mondrian, in the best of ways! There were beaming bright colors with circle motifs and interconnecting stripes as well, and the effect was a radiantly vibrant collection. You can go for ideas like the paneled skirt of Loewe or the playful layering of Dries Van Note. There is so many trend setting ideas which your wardrobe needs to catch up with!

Masculine suits are also trendy:

3 cool fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015

Since long time women captured and placed their mark on male wardrobe. And this is the reason that this year we see several designers being quite eager to encroach back to the idea of suits that are a bit masculine. These suits come with a touch of refinement and hotness blended beautifully. You can enhance your feminine look by adding a few asymmetric cuts and designs.

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