3 Hipster Clothing Ideas Worth Tying

Generally, people make a lot of fun when they notice a hipster pass by. They believe that these hipsters are way too cooler than anyone around. Whatever said and done, we have to admit that they have a style that’s different and something that’s some serious styling. This is why it is absolutely fine to approach and try out some of their trends.

Here we present for you a few hipster styles which you can surely add to your wardrobe:


This is one item that possibly every woman must possess. If you are not that much interested in button-up shirts, then there are so many ways to alter its styling approach.

3 Hipster Clothing Ideas Worth Tying


You can simply keep the buttons of the flannel shirt undone and inside simply wear another shirt. Or if the weather is extremely hot and you wish to avoid layers, you can very well tie it above your waist and give it the appeal of a makeshift top.


Glasses are the in thing now and you need not have to get your eyes spoilt, to own a fake glass. There is a flotilla of models on Instagram and models are wearing these as a fashion piece, and if any of these catch your eye, go for it!

3 Hipster Clothing Ideas Worth Tying 1

All that you will have to make sure that your glasses come with a glass or a plastic inside it. When you wear one without them, it may seem like you are wearing some old 3D glasses.


People around will not even give you a second look when you wear a beanie when it is cold. They will as usual assume that you are wearing it to keep yourself warm.

3 Hipster Clothing Ideas Worth Tying 2

Well, you sure can wear them during summer days too, so far as it blends well with your outfit.

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