3 Most horrible Fashion trends

Everyone makes mistakes. And fashion designers also do the same at some point of time. There is no doubt that the fashion industry is quickly progressing. However, they have also come across with some of the most bizarre and terrible mistakes ever.

Let us go through the list of the worst fashion trends ever made in the history:

Disco Suit: In Saturday Night Fever, actor John Travolta tried his best to bring across the trend of trouser and casual jacket combo. But it did not rise as a flourishing trend.

3 Most horrible Fashion trends

The disco in pastel shades was counted among the most horrible fashion trends. In fact, this disco suit outfit was regarded nothing but something close to impractical dressing. This definitely is a huge faux pas and its resurrection must be feared to the utmost.

Sagging Pants: During the 1990s this was a trend which was started in the prison system of the United States. And here prisoners were prevented from putting across belts as they were used as suicidal tools.

3 Most horrible Fashion trends 1

Well, in just a matter of time, we saw this trend being circulated all across where people stated to wear underwear beneath the sagging pants. We may also refer to this as the crime-glorifying hip-hop style statement. We are so glad that we now notice this style diminishing gradually and not much teenagers are being inspired by it. Phew!


This style has been inspired by the man who had written ‘I Hate Myself And I Want To Die’. It was not appreciated for its vivid colors and finicky tailoring.

3 Most horrible Fashion trends 2

Rather we have counted it amongst the anti-fashion movements, where one could simply wear any trousers, jeans, t-shirt, and possibly anything that is dirty, and has numerous holes in it and looked as ever as dull!

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