3 nastiest fashion mistakes girls should try avoiding

These are definitely some of the worst mistakes which many of the girls or women might have tried pulling through some time or the other. However, these weird fashion faux pas can make you laugh a bit. And at the same time you can learn what is to be avoided. And you should never repeat these fashion mistakes ever.

1 Revealing too much is not desirable always:

If you think that showing off or revealing too much of anything will make you look hot and sexy, then you are wrong! In fact, to add to this, it is the worst fashion blunder in any of the book out there!

3 nastiest fashion mistakes girls should try avoiding

If you are below 20 you can try to invest on something such as a short cropped top that passes past your belly button. Well, if you though you can get all the attention by revealing too much, then you are gravely mistaken, not all looks are positive!

2 muffin tops:

Do you have a hard time with those fleshy love handles? But do you want to stick to low rise jeans? Then, you are following the wrong road, lady!

3 nastiest fashion mistakes girls should try avoiding 1

If you are a bit on the fleshy side and did want to go with those muffin tops, then please do not let fashion faux pas cross outside your room. It will end up completely butchering your shape and your legs will look extremely sort and waist would appear chunkier than ever

3 Ill-fitting attire:

This cannot be skipped at all and is a must mention in the list of fashion mistakes that you must avoid. It never looks appealing when you step out wearing clothes that does not fit you well.

3 nastiest fashion mistakes girls should try avoiding 2

Be it extra fitting or extra loose, both ways round, it does not look good at all and ends up making you look extremely bad.

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