3 new hairdos for 2015

If you are bored of your same tress look, it is time for you to try out these amazingly stunning and fresh new hair styling ideas. These styles will definitely make you feel good inside out!

Low Bun which is shiny and sleek:

3 new hairdos for 2015 1

Make sure that you get the centre part done strongly yet properly. You need to add to your hair loads of shine spray and go for a low chignon. Along with this you must go for a smoky eye makeup and it will make you look gorgeously stunning.

Go for a bouncy and bubbly ponytail:

3 new hairdos for 2015


It was Mattel the designer who had done the ponytail just so perfectly. If you wish to get the very same effect as well, you can use any reputed hair salt spray. Then after spraying the salt spray through your damp hair properly, make sure you properly rough-dried it. And then with a one-and-a-half-inch iron slowly proceed with curling your whole head. You can also go with a bit of volumizing powder to add more volume. And make sure you apply it on the roots first and then back comb it. Then very carefully, you need to pull across your hair, and then with elastic tighten it. Finally, playfully tease the underlyers.

Try a wavy ponytail this time:

3 new hairdos for 2015 2


We do agree that wavy ponytail, when done properly, makes your hair appear sporty and extremely hot! Take mousse, at least a palm full and apply it on your damp hair. Then smoothly blow-dry your hair with a brush that has bristle like medium round boar. Then, up to your head, you will need to roll each of the section and ensure that it is safe and secure at its place. For this you can use a metal duckbill clip, and do this over your whole hair. Unclip the hair after approximately 20 minutes and then you can tie with clear elastic quite freely.

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