3 top Movies on Fashion Trend

Fashion movies can be quite inspiring and one can relate to it as per their personal style and taste.

Let us go through a few all time trend setting movies, which every stylish girl will love to watch:

  1. The Devil Wears Prada

In America’s fashion capital, New York, the movie is set and the plot lays focus on a sophisticated fashion magazine. The movie will give you an insight about how the fashion industry looks like.

3 top Movies on Fashion Trend

In the movie, you will obviously find the most incredibly office-chic attires something which is a dream for probably every office going lady. Meryl Streep looks simply incredible, her appearance and acting will make you a fan of this gorgeous woman! The movie revolves around the life of an aspirant journalist who tries possibly everything to make it big in the world of fashion.

  1. Sex and the City

If you still do not know that fashion and Carrie move side by side, then what were you up to by now?  It is all about a shoe fetish and more of shoes and shoes! Well yes you also get to know about a girl, who, before dinner, had to go through a Vogue magazine!

3 top Movies on Fashion Trend 1

No doubt the movie is one of the most trend setting fashion movies of the decade. The wedding dress of Carrie designed by Vivienne Westwood is the most iconic, dazzling and spectacular wedding dresses of all times. The wedding dress is so fantastic and striking that it has its very own scene in the movie.

  1. Confessions of a Shopaholic

The movie moves around the life of a young lady who simply is not satisfied with shopping. Even though she has the best of implausible clothes, but still she finds those are just not enough for her!

3 top Movies on Fashion Trend 2

Thus naturally, you will notice a good number of astounding pieces and breathtaking outfits. If you are in for a comedic fashion movies, this one should b added to your list for sure.

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