3 Unisex color trends for Winter and Fall 2015

Winter and Fall 2015 blesses you with a plethora of color tones as they come mostly interlaced with bold and deep earthy neutrals shades. It focuses on landscape of optimism, thoughts, imagination, motivation, contemplation and enjoyment.

In Fall the designers made sure to bring a touch of American history from the playful twenties to the diorish and ravishing looks to the bohemian hippie. They are also seen working on the modernists during the ‘60s and ‘70s era. At the same time they made sure to beautifully blend in together a passion of style and hues which will be very easily worn by both the genders—women and well as men.

The color of 2015 undoubtedly is Marsala:

Marsala is the color which will rule 2015. It is also known as the color of Sicilian wine is sweet and tough. It looks prosperous and tough as Marsala symbolizes the tenderness and affluence of a delectably fulfilling meal, while at the same time its brown and red heart symbolizes classy earthiness.

3 Unisex color trends for Winter and Fall 2015

There are so many designers who have been lately using a lot of Marsala and each time you will notice it being blended beautifully with a hue.  From Christian Dior to Balmain they are enjoying using this tone to the fullest.

For Winter and Fall 2015-2016 the color is Biscay Bay or Dark Turquoise:

3 Unisex color trends for Winter and Fall 2015 1

Biscay Bay is quite graceful as turquoise. However, it does have a cooler shade than turquoise color. It brings before you thoughts of tropical waters and comforting remote places, which you would have visited in your dreams.

Stormy Weather for Fall and Winter 2015:

3 Unisex color trends for Winter and Fall 2015 2

If you deeply see, you will notice that this color will easily cover all the 50 shades of gray. And this color will make you noticeable at any occasion.

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