3 Ways to carry off your Tropical Print Dresses and make your style statement

Tropical prints are like a breath of fresh air in the somewhat forced world of haute couture where one has to strive hard to find meaning or rationale in what is presented.

Tropical prints on the other hand need no explanation – nature is the inspiration. The vibrant colours and shapes of Tropical regions express the joy of living, a freedom of the soul which need not be expressed.

Tropical Print Dresses and make your style statement_FI

So how does one go about wearing the Tropical prints? We show three basic ways of dressing up in Tropical prints to make your own style statement with what is often looked down upon as touristy and infra dig.

1. From Head to Toe

Choose the same tropical print from head to toe. Use the print on your shirt, blazer, tops or shorts. Put on loads of funky accessories, and try on shoes and bags a bit off-beat. The idea is to have a lot of fun. Minimizing the accessories and sticking to a single theme with your basic dressing is also great in nudes or plain pastels.

2. Only one print piece

You can wear a single tropical print piece and pair it with a basic one. White pieces with tropical ones give great effect. You can try a tropical print skirt with a simple white tee or shirt with a chunky necklace. For a wild look try a print top with denims – cut-offs, Bermudas, skirts or jeans. Printed scarves are also great fun.

 3.  Mix Tropical prints with other prints

This can be a chaotic, fun-filled and crazy experience. Use fruit, vegetable, floral or animal prints against a tropical print. You can even try geometric prints with tropical prints. The idea is to create a profusion of colour and chaos to dazzle the beholder. It’s like the Tropical flora and fauna have wandered into the urban landscape. And forget about making fashion faux pas. Be you.

So, Tropical prints are not just Bermuda pants and Hawaiian shirts. You can bring in your personal creativity and bring in sophistication and style with Tropical print dresses.

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