300 people came across to the Met to meet with Anna Wintour

With almost just a few days remaining before the final closing of “China: Through the Looking Glass”, the editor of Vogue, came in to join the curator of Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton, at a museum for a book singing session. On Wednesday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anna Wintour of Vogue noticed that there were more than 300 people who had gathered from all across the globe and she met them as well while she did take out time for signing catalogues of Costume Institute’s  “China: Through the Looking Glass,” which was quite a remarkable exhibit.

Andrew Bolton the curator and Anna Wintour were then posted just outside the Asian Wing from 3 to 4 p.m. at a white linen table and were divided with fresh bouquet of flowers together with bright sharpies. It was only a day before that the book singing was declared and this was also one of the approaches used by the museum to endorse the show before it finally closed down on Monday.

300 people came across to the met for catching up with Anna Wintour

It did sell a flotilla of catalogues and had a good time honoring their chartbuster attendance. There were more than 671,000 visitors as observed on August 16, and it had exceeded the record that was set in the year 2011, by “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty”.

Wintour also stated that she really felt wonderful to sit down and talk to people about the way they felt after attending the exhibit. She as well added that there were people who had come in to visit for more than seven to eight times and there was one person who had in fact come in for around twenty times. No doubt the show was a huge hit. The individual who had attended the exhibit for around the 20th time was a college student named Andre Chandler from New York.

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