4 most Shocking Outfits of all times

Well, okay we understand that fashion keeps evolving. However, at times you still have to think whether all the tricks in the box have been actually been done or not! Yet there are sometimes that we manage to stumble across a few outrageous bizarre fashion designs that amaze us in the weirdest of manner!

We have a list of a few of the weirdest and despicably designer outfits you could ever imagine:

Cheeseburger Dress

4 most Shocking Outfits of all times

Just have a look at this dress! And you will definitely start to visualize and wish there was a burger before you! This dress has been specifically designed to resemble a deluxe cheeseburger yet looks somewhat hot and delicious for sure!

Swan Dress

4 most Shocking Outfits of all times 1

Well yes, there is no doubt that feathered dresses, when done the right way, do look trendy and elegant. However, when you will find that the model turns out looking nothing close to a human and resembles a bird, then what do you say next! You can imagine the funny dress worn by Bjork’s for Oscar fashion scene did get its share of publicity however it didn’t end up being quite constructive though.

Umbrella Skirt

4 most Shocking Outfits of all times 2

Ohh come on! Are we scrolling down to see some real time fashion talent or is it a crazy costume event that we are supposed to look through? We are here literally to jot down the weirdest of products yet this one even exceeds the bizarre score list. All you can do now is literally imagine that it was raining and you ended up wearing an umbrella dress!

Chain Mail T-shirt

4 most Shocking Outfits of all times 3

Okay, chain mail seems to be the fresh new black! You can go ahead and wear it for any occasion or for anything or any day you want to. But you cannot blame anyone if people round start calling you nuts!

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