4 scary Make-up Ideas

Did you ever think of going in scary make-up? Oh, Yes, we all do scariest make-ups in Halloween. It is that time of the year when people love to have fun. Well, fun will be in the spooky way of course with some dangerously creepy music and some deliciously creepy food. Definitely watching horror movies with family and friends and unlashing your creativity in the best possible way by trying out dangerously horrifying Halloween make up ideas are a part of this fest.

To live up to the Halloween spirits try these dreadful makeup tricks worth applying to fit your fiery mood.

Bleeding Eyes

Even though this is one of the creepiest of scary make-up tricks, it can be done easily and is not as tough as it seems. There are so many video tutorials that you can watch online.

4 scary Make-up Ideas

It is one of the best tricks to look super scary without having colored your entire face. Likewise, it will suit both women as well as men.


It in old but definitely the best idea you can try out this for any Halloween season. The best part about this make-up is it ends up making the entire costume.

4 scary Make-up Ideas 1

After going for this dreadful look, you also do not have to worry much about what to wear as a costume. All you can do is choose something black and simply walk around the streets at night, and there you have made it!

Zipper Face

Well, at times you might find this one that comes with a bit too much of an effort! Well, we also feel only movie make-up artists would be able to do these tricks. However, relax there are so many video tutorials present online.

4 scary Make-up Ideas 2


And you can simply do it without much worry. It is not at all complicated! You surely will win the dreadful title for any scary party.

Unzipped Mouth

If you are not too much keen on zipping your entire face, why not simply zip your mouth? It is extremely easy to go about.

4 scary Make-up Ideas 4

And the next time people ask you to zip your mouth, you can go about with this make up trick and they sure will not be after you anymore!

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