4 shocking celeb Hair styles

Some of the hottest celebs even go wrong, at times, with their hairdos. And leave us shocking by watching their strange and weird hairstyles.

Natalie Dormer at SAG Awards:

Natalie Dormer, who is supposed to be one of the sweetest blondes from Game of Thrones, did show some really weird styles with her hair. She appeared at the SAG Awards in a quite striking looking gown. And this gown, no doubt, made her amongst the best dressed stars of the event. However if you can notice her hairdo, we are sure you too will need some breath as it seems to be highly shocking.

4 shocking celeb Hair styles

As women we are pretty close to our tresses, and to get the look that she sported, we are sure the girl does have some major big time guts to undergo such a weird hairdo! It was plain shocking for all of us and we did end up wondering about how some women can get their hair chopped this way! We are women and we understand the relationship we have with our tresses!!

Helen Mirren, 2013:

Well we never expect the Queen to do anything wrong.

4 shocking celeb Hair styles 1


And at the age of 67 she came up attending the EE British Academy Film Awards with a pixie cut, which was bubblegum pink!

Angeline Jolie, 2000

We generally notice her opting for solid basics or the usual wavy blowout.

4 shocking celeb Hair styles 2

But in 2000, at Oscars where she had won for the movie, Girl Interrupted, she had come over with one of the all time shocking of hairdos.

Rihanna, 2011:

When picking up hair moments there are ample of them that we can pick up for Riri. However, at one point of time, she went extremely crazy with the Crayola red color!

4 shocking celeb Hair styles 3

You also will not be able to come across any tinge of strawberry or even auburn and they were coming along with some big time curls! One of the weirdest ones we pick for Riri.

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