4 Tips to Choose Office Jewelry

The tone and ambience of the office is well understood. It is a place demanding of formality. For a fashion-conscious woman, it presents a challenge in finding that delicate balance between elegance and appropriateness. Office wear aside, the modern career woman should know how to accessorize with jewelry. Ideally, the accessories should be subtle yet stunning, chic, yet formal.

Here are 4 tips that may help you choose the right accessories for you for your office purpose.


If you do not fancy a timepiece, a bracelet is a great replacement. Bracelets have this ability of transforming any ordinary dress into a classy outfit. Unlike watches, bracelets are more liberal. Charm bracelets while rather bold and add elegance. Silver link bracelets are a solid choice as well.


With rings, less is more, both in terms of the number of rings and the stone size. Engagement and wedding rings are universally accepted, while anything past that is often a gamble.  Sterling silver and gold work equally well.

4 Tips to Choose Office Jewelry


Studs are the go-to earrings for the corporate world. They are subtle enough to avoid being distracting, yet stylish enough to bring out your femininity. The design should be simple. Sterling silver studs are always a safe bet. Diamond studs are also perfect, and transition effortlessly from an office to an evening look.


Neck chains are better than pendants, because the latter are less discrete. Thankfully, neck chains come in many designs, to match any kind of outfit. Silver fine chains are great for complementing a pant suit, as will a silver long chain. If you want a dressier, bolder look, you can layer two or three necklaces. As long as they are all thin, they should work perfectly. You cannot go wrong with the classic pearl necklace look.

So, dress perfectly for your office and choose the right jewelries to attract attention of the crowd.

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