5 Absolutely Essential Must Know Tips for Wedding Makeup

So you are all set for your great day and would like to know how best to go about your wedding makeup. You know all about your skin type and features and have all that is required for your makeup.

Perhaps you have the jitters wondering if you are doing it right. Set your fears aside. We give you 5 tips from experts which will make you look like the star you are.

5 Absolutely Essential Must Know Tips for Wedding Makeup

Tip #1. Choose foundation with the right SPF

Foundations with higher SPF contain higher amounts of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These chemicals tend to pale your skin. Titanium dioxide reacts to photo flash and will make you pale out in photographs. Products from Dior are found to have high amounts of Titanium dioxide. Use a product with SPF no greater than 15.

Tip#2. Do your eye makeup first

Most makeup procedures start with the skin first and then move on to the eyes. However, it is better to only prep your skin and then move on to the eyes. If you do your skin first, you are likely to smudge it during eye makeup. And you know how tough it is to correct that!

Tip#3. Use a primer

Using a primer under the foundation will help to cover up blemishes and redness. It helps to fix your foundation better and stops it from running into pores making your application smoother.

Tip#4. Use concealer after foundation

Most people apply concealer before foundation. This tends to smudge or wipe off the concealer defeating its purpose. If you do the skin first you can tap or brush in the concealer exactly how and where you want it.

Tip#5. Don’t powder excessively

Just dab in where required. Do not wipe around in circles. And use just enough where required to avoid a dull or cake look which results from excess powder. Use translucent or natural powders.

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