5 Alien Looking Landscapes on Earth

The earth is full of mystery. There are some natural wonders that attract people for their inspiring and brilliant beauty. Here are 5 such wonders of our earth discussed:

1 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Yellowstone National Park is considered as one of the most remarkable parklands around the world and it pulls in troops of visitors every year from across the globe. Known as the active caldera of an incredible super volcano it also houses a few outstandingly extraordinary vistas. Many visitors travel to this spot to watch erupting geysers and discover vivid and bright acidic hot springs. It has a fairly delicate terrain that are extremely dangerous too however the walkways make this area quite accessible.

2 Devon Island, Canada


It is known as one of the massive and largest of uninhabited islands on Earth. It looks quite persuasively alien, and is a bit unusual in appearance. And at the same time it portrays stark scenery that quite closely resembles plant Mars. Since a few of its sections are quite similar to that of plant Mars, scientists now use it as a testing location for all Mars rovers.

3 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


This is regarded as the biggest salt flat on Earth and it measures around 10,582 square kilometers. In this salt flat around half of the lithium of Earth is present. When the season is dry, the cracked, whitish portion expands into a huge distance, and then it looks like an alien. The basin gets filled during the wet season. And the shallow water gradually expands to the horizon and it looks astonishingly plane and reflective; pretty close to a gigantic liquid mirror.

4 Huanglong, China

Quite famously known as a hot spring destination this place displays terraced pools of water that are vivacious bright blue in an effervescent alpine environment. The color in the pool look outstanding and they brilliantly strike out.


4 Allien places on earch


5 Valley of the Moon, Argentina


This is another remarkable spot found in Argentina called, Valle de la Luna. And if you are lucky to move around in a guided tour, you will be able to explore this spot. This area has diverse kinds of rock formations which are unique and very interesting and there are the bochas. These bochas basically are stones found in this area and these are of different sizes and many of them are absolutely spherical.

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