5 Cool Men’s Fashion Trends For Summer 2014

Now that the summer is already rolling on its track, we’ve seen various fashion trends within this season.

If you want to catch up with the hottest fashion style for men, now is the time. There are some interesting trend patterns in the world of men’s fashion that we can take a look right now, and it might be the best fashion trends to look for during the summer of this year. Here are our list of men’s fashion trends for summer 2014:


  1. The casual deck shoes

The casual deck shoes is rather like an intermediary style between sandals and sneakers. The summer is all about practicality and style. So, casual deck shoes can be your best bet to wear this season. It’s more stylish than wearing sandals, and it’s definitely simpler to wear than sneakers.

  1. Colorful shoe laces

Why should you use the same laces every time you wear your shoes? This season demands you to be creative with what you are wearing. Colorful shoe laces become hot trends among many cool guys out there because of its unique and different style. It will perfect the bottom part of your fashion style throughout the season.

  1. T-shirt with front pocket

Again, there is a new trend in the world of T-shirt. This summer, the most popular T-shirt to wear for men is the one with front pocket. Well, again, it looks cool and unique. Blue is the most popular color for this type of T-shirt, just perfect for casual summer activities.

  1. Colorful pants

Now, we come down to the pants that men wear this summer. What’s the trend in this department? Well, it’s not about style, but it’s about color. The most popular pants to wear is short pants with various colors. So, forget about black or blue pants. It’s now red, yellow, green, and orange.

  1. Sunglasses with colored lenses

Black sunglasses era is no longer exist in this summer. It’s now the era of sunglasses with colored lenses. You don’t need to wear the basic sunglasses anymore. This season is filled with a lot of choices for colorful sunglasses to wear whenever you go out of your home. So, let’s embrace the summer sunlight with the all new colors.

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