5 Facts You Must Know About Matcha

Matcha is preferred by many for its flavor as well as its several health benefits. But there are more facts related with this product. Here are such 5 facts you must know about Matcha

It is a special kind of green tea:


The meaning of ‘Macha’ literally is powdered tea. With macha you actually drink the actual leaves that have been quite evenly powdered and are finally made into a solution.

It offers you a wide array of health benefits


Matcha is one of the great sources to gain potent of nutrients rather than the steeped ones. Additionally, it also provides small amount of minerals and vitamins. And it also contains polyphenols, which is a rich source of antioxidant that helps you against cancer and heart disease. Not only this, it also helps to enhance your blood sugar regulation; reduction of blood pressure. It is blessed with anti-aging properties. EGCG is the other polyphenol that is present in matcha and helps to hugely boost your rate of metabolism and halts the increase of cancer cells.

Macha contains caffeine



Since you are consuming the entire leaf in matcha you will end up gaining more caffeine than consumeing steeped green tea. And it is equal to the caffeine that is present in a cup of brewed coffee. Mostly matcha aficionados state that macha tends o create a kind of ‘alert calm’ due to the presence of l-theanine, which is a natural substance and it makes you feel more relaxed

It traditionally also does involve meditation


The preparation of macha is generally linked to Japanese tea ceremonies and also has been for long associated to Zen. Well, maybe, this is the other reason as to why it is gaining huge popularity since meditation is getting into a highlighted zone these days. Many also believe that preparing and sipping of mocha is one way for you to slow down a bit. It not only help in flushing you with vital antioxidants, but also comes with the goodness of meditation.

It helps to reduce stress

Business woman relaxing.

Also it has been proved that it helps to greatly lessen cortisol which is basically known to b a stress related hormone that tends to gradually increase belly fat and increases your urge to eat more. Together with this it lessens inflammation, controls impulsive eating habits, lowers level of blood pressure and boosts compassion and self esteem.

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