5 Great Hair Accessories to Chill out with this summer

This summer try out some funky accessories on your hair. Summer is the time for fun, so use the 5 basic ideas we give you to be cool whether at work or while chilling.

1. Headbands

Head bands- hair accessories

A headband is one basic accessory that no girl can do without. From the utility point of view, it just takes a second to put on and  great to use if you don’t want to be bothered making up your hair. Grab a set of great designer headbands in chunky metal, stone, floral design, or any of the hundreds of designs to give you the look you desire.

2. Hair clips

Hair clips - Hair accessories

Using hair clips to style your hair is another great idea. You could wear your hair in a ponytail or let it hang down straight with a side part, all held in place with a clip. Hair clips come in a wide range of size and shapes, and can be bought anywhere – from department to designer stores, and yes, at the flea market, too.

3. Ponytail holders

Ponytail holders

Ponytails are the style of choice for warm lazy summer days or while out in the sports field. Ponytail holders give you that easy going classy look to your hair without fuss. You may like to try out ponytail holders like Gliding Wonders and Puffy Pony for styling and convenience.

4. Baseball caps

Baseball caps

Guys always love gals in baseball caps. This All-American head gear can be used as a style statement with almost any dress. Try them out in funky summer colors. You can try them with short or cut-off visor military style. Great fun accessory for hair and UV protection from the summer sun.

5. Head scarves

Head scarves

These can be the ultimate in summer hair accessories. Brightly colored with prints only limited by your imagination, scarves can become the ultimate designer wear. Choose from the simple bandana to the expensive silk designer varieties like Frank and Kahn’s silk charmeuse at $125 a piece to get the celebrity look. Paired with cool shades and earrings the look is unbeatable.

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